Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Celebrating Chinese New Year!

 3rd and 4th graders celebrate Chinese New Year.
The  "Bi" (circle), a Chinese symbol of sky. 
Students also learn about
the art vocabulary word…
(stuff you make art with!)
WCS students had their choice of different media and also completed a writing piece wishing other students to
“Bi” all they can be in the new year.  

Wassily Kandinski and Josef Albers

Third and Fourth graders learned about Wassily Kandinski and Josef Albers in the Art Room.  In the Library, they read the book "An Eye For Color" (a book about Albers) with Ms. Hennig.  In the corridors of WCS there are beautiful murals inspired by the artists.

"Actualizing Art, Forming Friendships, and Creating Community"... an art show!


Art teachers Tina Logan and MC Baker have collaborated across schools, bringing multi-cultural art education and a sense of community between their two sets of students.  

Middle school students at Albert D. Lawton Intermediate school are displaying their sculptures inspired by Mexican oaxacan animals while 3rd and 4th graders from Williston Central School display their paintings inspired by Mexican Amate Bark Paintings.

Student art will be displayed at Brownell Library (Essex Junction), the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library (Williston), and in the halls of both Albert D. Lawton Intermediate and Williston Central School for the month of February.