Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome back Voyager!

Voyager House has new signage!!

Artist   Statement

Stand tall and proud Voyager!  J  I love trees.  Their strength, beauty, and connection to nature really inspires me.  I hope this new sign will in turn inspire you in all that you do.  Your new sign was created on stretched canvas panels using acrylic paint and gel mediums.  To me, the four birch trees in the main sign symbolize your four core teachers.  The group of trees are intertwined to symbolize how learning is a collaborative process.  The fingerprints are yours.  Just like fingerprints are unique to each person, YOU are what makes Voyager unique.  The colors in the landscape symbolize to me the wonderful, colorful journey that WCS is preparing you for.
Voyager’s mission statement is, “one step in a world of discovery”.  My hope for you is that your future be filled
with a rainbow of experiences.

Each teacher’s classroom also has a framed landscape outside his/her space.  To me, this brings a sense of place to your house.  Any visitor will immediately know where to go.

Many many thanks to John Lentine for the countless hours it took to hand make the six frames that complete this project.  Jeff Boomhower and John spent many hours over the school break hanging the six frames in anticipation of your return to school.  I also appreciate the energy and enthusiasm of Ms.Q and Ms. Wesnak  who spearheaded this project back in August.  If they had not ripped down your old felt sign, given me their permission, encouragement, and enthusiasm, this project would never have come to fruition.

XO,  Mrs. Baker


For the month of January, I will have some of my latest creations on display at the Dorothy Alling Library right here in Williston.  Please stop by and see some fused glass and paintings in the display case right outside of the youth library.

I will also be offering a free art class ("Recycled Paper Sculptures") after school on Monday, January 27th at the library.  Registration is required so call the library today at 878-4918.